Saturday, May 2, 2009

late night blog explanations

so... I had to change the structures of my blogs.. I seem to have too many ideas floating around in my head. So I am letting you in on my secrets.

This blog- The Random Thoughts of the Distracted Mind - is going to be just that- random crap that I pick up along the way. Like- did you know that Parabens are in a whole lot of products that absorb into our bodies.. and they are bad- avoid them at all cost. Or - Random recipies that I find tasty - etc etc... my mind wanders quite often.. This will be my journal of contemplations of the future so to speak - Twitter has helped a ton, and so this blog has been neglected.

The blog- My Story- The Adventures of Me - is going to recapture of all the memories I have ever had in my life. I am starting from the beginning and working my way to present date. Some of it will be sad.. some will be utterly embarrassing and some of it should probably never be told to the world but I dont really give a damn what you think of me so Im going to write it all down anyway- what the heck.

The blog- Poems, Songs and Possibly works in progress - is exactly that.. this is where I hope that my readers can help me finish my songs, I want constructive criticism here. I need help people! so COMMENT COMMENT away on those poems. Dont be shy to give me pointers- suggest moving lines or adding words. I might take your advice I might not- but - most importantly I hope to get some inspiration from your feedback.

Thank you all and Happy reading!!