Monday, April 15, 2013

I've been super busy!

Hi All! I haven't written in a long time but it has been because I have been a busy bee!!!  Life has been amazing and busy.

September 2012 - In September my husband Juan Moreno of JAM Photos and I worked on a National Ad Campaign for Progressives International Motorcycle Shows called The Human Motorcycle. Designed by I.D.E.A and Body Painter Trina Merry, we created 3 Motorcycles out of models. It was awesome. A ton of work but totally worth it.  You can find our video on YouTube, . We were featured in Makeup Artist Magazine, Ripley's Believe it or Not and many more.  What did I do on this campaign? Well... I did hair and makeup on Erin Bates, hair on all of the motorcycle parts and assisted in painting the three bikes.  Behind the scenes, I took care of the budget, the staff, the production book, the coordination, the studio rental and management.  Busy busy indeed.  Here are some photos!
September was a big month! My brother was married on September 30th.   :) YAY! I have a new sister!! I was in the wedding and did hair and makeup for the ceremony :) The wedding was spectacular! Juan took photos of the ceremony, I cant wait to see them all!

October 2012 was a bit harder on us. My mom was diagnosed with stage 2 brain cancer.  She had surgery on November 7th and is now going through Chemotherapy. I took a break from extra curricular activities to help her out.  BUT while going through this, my husband and I created our company, Triptych Studios Inc which incorporates Jam Photos and Designs by Sandra.  Thru it all I also worked with Trina Merry on the San Jose Museum of Art Gala.  We created 5 paintings that represented the famous works at the museum.  I created head pieces out of paper and foam boards.  It was a unique challenge that I was very pleased with the results! Here are some photos from that event!

November 2012 my mom had her brain surgery to remove her tumor.  I spent all of my days off (3 a week) with her after her surgery. We also celebrated Sirena's 12 b-day! Thanksgiving was especially great, cooking turkey with my stepdad who has non-hodgekins lymphoma and stomach cancer (no more stomach and his cancer is in remission..) Scotty just doesnt have the stomach for much anymore and my mom just remains open minded.. hehe - they have a great sense of humor. 

December 2012 My mom still needed a little help but was doing much much better!  My hours at the salon EXPLODED! whew I was super busy at work.  I had enough time tho to take a few days off during Christmas and new years to rearrange our house to accommodate our PHOTO STUDIO!!!!  We rearranged 4 rooms in our house.  Our living room became the new office/photostudio complete with bar, dance floor and hair and makeup station!! Our entry room that my housed the kids toys and often our kitchen table became the new living room :) complete with a fancy new couch and smart TV hanging from the ceiling. My old office became my sons bedroom :) which means that the girls now have their own room!!  We got rid of 7 truck loads of stuff and it felt SOOO GOOD!! We still have a few more things to do.. Finish up the garage and our bedroom - WHEW!

January 2013-  I was hit by the news that the salon I was in (studio glam) was changing the hours of operation to 11-7pm.... Unfortunately for those hours, my appointments are booked out 3-6 months in advance and I work 9-9... so I set out to find a more accommodating salon. I interviewed at 7 salons and found Head to Toe Salon. An amazing gem on the edge of Campbell, San Jose and Los Gatos.  Right before I moved in I went to Las Vegas for the Redken Symposium.  It was a busy and stressful month but change is good and I made such an amazing discovery with Head To Toe.

February 2013 - My first few weeks at Head to Toe went a little haywire! A pinch to let me know I am still alive.  I lost my keys on the first day, luckily Juan found them for me at Radio Shack... the second week... I stabbed myself in the hand with a steak knife while pitting an avocado incorrectly... landed myself in the ER with 2 stitches in my hand :(.  AT THE SAME TIME - I worked with Trina Merry on Cinnequest! I designed hair for 8 models and helped bodypaint :)  it was a blast! You can find photos at OH and... while this was going on, our plumbing went out at our house so we spent days packing and unpacking living out of different hotel rooms every day since they were all booked from Cinnequest being in town :( .  All in all, the girls at Head To Toe are amazing, welcoming and helpful! It is such a change of pace. I LOVE IT!!! I almost forgot!! we also did a photo shoot at Kool Cat Customs!!

March 2013 After Cinequest, our plumbing, and my hand fiasco Juan threw out his back :( 2 weeks or more before he started feeling better.  We also worked diligently on our taxes.  Taxes as you all know.. BORING!  So I am not going to write too much about that. BUT March is when we picked up our little Chewwie (Chewbacca).  He is 3/4 Yorkie and 1/4 poodle.  If you follow me on Instagram you can see him!@SandraMoreno  But here is a teaser - .  I also decided this month that I would focus more of my energy into my education and Triptych Studios than in the Art Alive Gallery. I have already started with my education -  I took an Agave Hair Smoothing class and I absolutely LOVE the treatment!! 

April 2013 -  OH That's this month :) so far I have been training my Chewwie, working in the Salon and its WEDDING SEASON!!!! Ive been transforming lots of Brides :) I love it.  I plan on taking some classes next month for Ombre Hair color and a few others!  For the first time in a few years I feel a breath of fresh air. There is nothing in my schedule this year that I am dreading. I am working with Branham High School's LGBTQ Youth space for the Born This Way Fashion Show next week and after that I hope to work on a Locks of Love Marathon ( donating 10 inches of hair is required!) I decided to take this year off the Art Alive Gallery SubZero Festival and since I left Studio Glam I will also have my June free of the Ink N Iron Festival.  This opens up my time for more education and different and exciting new opportunities.

Ok That's all for now!! Please follow me on Facebook at and keep up to date with all I learn about hair and makeup this year!! THE YEAR FOR EDUCATION!