Saturday, July 4, 2009

My first good dream I can remember

So I am sitting here at Great America on the 4th and I thought I should tell you about the first "not so strang or frightening" dream I had last night. It all began at a new friends house, oddly enough I met him through twitter. Well perhaps that's not so odd. I seem to be meeting lots of folks these days on twitter. I was with the whole family and my new friend met us with a smile, introduced us to his super cute twin boys who had longish brown hair with bangs. Reminded me of a cute kid mullet (if that is even possible!! LOL ). We walked in to a beautiful house that I could tell immediatly was a batchelor pad. But it was super clean for a house with 1.5 year old boys...

We were invited in to the kitchen which was filled with the aroma of delicious chocolate cake. Looking on the counter I saw multiple cakes all brightly frosted. I immediatly felt comfortable in this somewhat strangers house. Apparantly, this dude can cook. Sweet! He offered us each a piece and we went to sit down in the living room where we started talking about music. I was nicely suprised to find out that he was a music teacher in his spare time and taught keybards and piano. SCORE I thought. We are in need of a teacher for Mariposa. He offered to teach her at 25 bucks a lesson. OMG my life couldn't be better. As we were heading out the door I find myself devouring this slab of delectably delicious brightly colored choclate cake. The two men were pleasantly amused by this- to my dismay. Once it was gone we could leave and that's when I woke up to Juanito telling me he was ready for breakfast. I think I want cake.... LOL
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Friday, July 3, 2009

The most strangest Dream

It was the last day of school. Juan and I were getting ready to go to the cafeteria to pick up our tickets for the classroom movie. There was a huge line on one side and a short line near the door. The Cafeteria was huge- with a large balcony at the top with people standing around looking out the large windows with binoculars. We got our tickets and I walked through the door to the classroom where Sirena was waiting for me. I found a seat and saved one for Juan. Kids were strewn throughout the room with their parents- some on the floor others at desks. I was wondering where Juan was, he didnt walk in with me as I thought he would.

The movie started and I was getting worried. I got up and went to the door and started looking for him on the balcony. I saw a friend of ours at the door and asked " Have you seen Juan?" he started calling for him. All of a sudden it started getting dark outside- and the wind started blowing. Everyone started yelling and the roof picked up and thick black whirling smoke poured in. It was like a sideways tornado that made a high pitch rushing sound. It blew and blew through the cafeteria as I waited by the door in fear. Everyone in the classroom was fine and the whirling smoke just few feet away went unnoticed by the kids and parents enthralled by the movie.

Finally the wind died down and I could start to see people again , there seemed to be fewer. I started to panic. I started running looking for Juan. Searching the cafeteria. I ran out and started looking around the other buildings. Sirena and Mari found me searching for Juan and asked where there dad was, Mari yelled "Dad!!!" I turned and started running to where she pointed. Juan was propped up on a fence and looked unconcious. I got to him and started to try and wake him. He opened his eyes and said he was sorry. I asked why and he told me he did Crystal Meth.. I slapped him hard twice and he fell to the floor. I immediatly felt bad and picked him up- I was still so scared that the thick black smoke was going to take him. He looked at me and said " I want to go to church". I said.. Okay but... where is Juanito..... Shit.

I knew the thick black smoke was wrong. I hesitate using the word evil. Was it good and taking people that were bad? or was it bad and taking people who were good. Was Juan telling me he needed church because of the black smoke or because of drugs? Because he needed help? Hmmm.. My subconcious will be the only one that knows.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can't sleep

Why is it that my husband can fall asleep in seconds and I am left here twiddling my thumbs? Literally. Days lately have been going by in a blur. I don't feel productive and I don't feel motivated. I think I need to fix this. No more tweets till after work. No more personal emails or conversations till after work. I can do it I know I can, the problem is wanting to. It's like quitting smoking. I didn't want to quit because I enjoyed the social interaction so much. Is social interaction something I am afraid of losing so I latch on and abuse it? If that is even a possibility. Well, if I can't stay away from social networking sites on my own, I may have to call on a professional. LOL

Good night for now. I think I can sleep now. Let's see if I can pull this off.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

late night blog explanations

so... I had to change the structures of my blogs.. I seem to have too many ideas floating around in my head. So I am letting you in on my secrets.

This blog- The Random Thoughts of the Distracted Mind - is going to be just that- random crap that I pick up along the way. Like- did you know that Parabens are in a whole lot of products that absorb into our bodies.. and they are bad- avoid them at all cost. Or - Random recipies that I find tasty - etc etc... my mind wanders quite often.. This will be my journal of contemplations of the future so to speak - Twitter has helped a ton, and so this blog has been neglected.

The blog- My Story- The Adventures of Me - is going to recapture of all the memories I have ever had in my life. I am starting from the beginning and working my way to present date. Some of it will be sad.. some will be utterly embarrassing and some of it should probably never be told to the world but I dont really give a damn what you think of me so Im going to write it all down anyway- what the heck.

The blog- Poems, Songs and Possibly works in progress - is exactly that.. this is where I hope that my readers can help me finish my songs, I want constructive criticism here. I need help people! so COMMENT COMMENT away on those poems. Dont be shy to give me pointers- suggest moving lines or adding words. I might take your advice I might not- but - most importantly I hope to get some inspiration from your feedback.

Thank you all and Happy reading!!