Saturday, July 4, 2009

My first good dream I can remember

So I am sitting here at Great America on the 4th and I thought I should tell you about the first "not so strang or frightening" dream I had last night. It all began at a new friends house, oddly enough I met him through twitter. Well perhaps that's not so odd. I seem to be meeting lots of folks these days on twitter. I was with the whole family and my new friend met us with a smile, introduced us to his super cute twin boys who had longish brown hair with bangs. Reminded me of a cute kid mullet (if that is even possible!! LOL ). We walked in to a beautiful house that I could tell immediatly was a batchelor pad. But it was super clean for a house with 1.5 year old boys...

We were invited in to the kitchen which was filled with the aroma of delicious chocolate cake. Looking on the counter I saw multiple cakes all brightly frosted. I immediatly felt comfortable in this somewhat strangers house. Apparantly, this dude can cook. Sweet! He offered us each a piece and we went to sit down in the living room where we started talking about music. I was nicely suprised to find out that he was a music teacher in his spare time and taught keybards and piano. SCORE I thought. We are in need of a teacher for Mariposa. He offered to teach her at 25 bucks a lesson. OMG my life couldn't be better. As we were heading out the door I find myself devouring this slab of delectably delicious brightly colored choclate cake. The two men were pleasantly amused by this- to my dismay. Once it was gone we could leave and that's when I woke up to Juanito telling me he was ready for breakfast. I think I want cake.... LOL
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