Friday, July 3, 2009

The most strangest Dream

It was the last day of school. Juan and I were getting ready to go to the cafeteria to pick up our tickets for the classroom movie. There was a huge line on one side and a short line near the door. The Cafeteria was huge- with a large balcony at the top with people standing around looking out the large windows with binoculars. We got our tickets and I walked through the door to the classroom where Sirena was waiting for me. I found a seat and saved one for Juan. Kids were strewn throughout the room with their parents- some on the floor others at desks. I was wondering where Juan was, he didnt walk in with me as I thought he would.

The movie started and I was getting worried. I got up and went to the door and started looking for him on the balcony. I saw a friend of ours at the door and asked " Have you seen Juan?" he started calling for him. All of a sudden it started getting dark outside- and the wind started blowing. Everyone started yelling and the roof picked up and thick black whirling smoke poured in. It was like a sideways tornado that made a high pitch rushing sound. It blew and blew through the cafeteria as I waited by the door in fear. Everyone in the classroom was fine and the whirling smoke just few feet away went unnoticed by the kids and parents enthralled by the movie.

Finally the wind died down and I could start to see people again , there seemed to be fewer. I started to panic. I started running looking for Juan. Searching the cafeteria. I ran out and started looking around the other buildings. Sirena and Mari found me searching for Juan and asked where there dad was, Mari yelled "Dad!!!" I turned and started running to where she pointed. Juan was propped up on a fence and looked unconcious. I got to him and started to try and wake him. He opened his eyes and said he was sorry. I asked why and he told me he did Crystal Meth.. I slapped him hard twice and he fell to the floor. I immediatly felt bad and picked him up- I was still so scared that the thick black smoke was going to take him. He looked at me and said " I want to go to church". I said.. Okay but... where is Juanito..... Shit.

I knew the thick black smoke was wrong. I hesitate using the word evil. Was it good and taking people that were bad? or was it bad and taking people who were good. Was Juan telling me he needed church because of the black smoke or because of drugs? Because he needed help? Hmmm.. My subconcious will be the only one that knows.

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